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Explore the life and times of the ruthless warrior who grew from a poor, illiterate boy into one of the world’s greatest leaders—Genghis Khan, February 24 – September 3, 2012, only at The Field Museum.

Born in 1162, the would-be emperor endured a brutal childhood, eventually rising to earn the title of Genghis Khan (meaning “Oceanic Ruler”) after successfully uniting the many Mongol tribes. In just 25 years, his army conquered more lands and people than the Romans did during their entire 400-year rule!

Animated maps, engaging videos, and immersive environments help capture the essence of Genghis Khan’s extensive empire and reveal his dual role as both feared conqueror and revered statesman. Examine the largest single collection of 13th-century Mongolian artifacts ever assembled—including gold jewelry, weaponry, silk robes, religious relics, and the newly discovered mummy of a Mongolian noble woman.

Come meet Genghis Khan and learn about his legacy of unity, literacy, diplomacy, and meritocracy, only at The Field Museum!