Exhibition Walkthrough Part 1

Genghis Khan will take you on an unforgettable journey into the heart of the Mongol Empire to learn about the life and legacy of its controversial founder. To learn more, take a walk through the exhibition below.

Genghis Kahn’s Roots
Meet Temüjin, the boy the world would eventually know as Genghis Khan, and learn how his harsh childhood and nomadic life helped shaped his destiny. Explore a life-sized ger (or yurt) to see how Mongol nomads kept house, and discover more about living on the grassy steppe of central Asia.

Rise of the Mongols
Find out how Temüjin united the Mongol clans and earned the title of Great Khan. Examine a wide array of equestrian objects, leather armor and chainmail, and bows and arrows, and learn how horsemanship gave Mongol warriors an essential edge over their enemies.

Building an Empire
Investigate the battle tactics Genghis Khan used to conquer China, Russia, and other nations, creating the largest contiguous land empire in history. Check out a full-scale replica of a trebuchet (catapult) and a giant siege crossbow—devices of mass destruction that reduced city walls to ruins.